Fantasy Table Skirt®

The Fantasy Table Skirt®

SBD Events is the creator of the one and only illuminated skirt named ‘Fantasy Table
The Fantasy Table Skirt® is a breath-taking illuminated table skirt, made with fancy fabric
and clear lights. This skirt is for those who are looking to take their event to the next level
of elegance. It is not an ordinary skirt it’s an event and will keep your guests talking about
it for years to come. The Fantasy Table Skirt® will showcase you and your sufficient other
at the head table and look amazing on pictures. It will display your wedding cake with such
elegance and beauty. One of our event designers will help you customizes your skirt; they
will sit with you to create the most elegant design for your event.

The Fantasy Table Skirt® comes in assortment of colors and can accommodate any shape
or size table, can also be used at the Registration, gift or display table, but not limited to those (Don’t be fooled by the imitators, get the original Fantasy Table Skirt by SBD Events).